First blog post !

my very first post! This is a completely whole new world to me. I’m so used to posting videos and pictures on to instagram *cough, cough* @tiaslifestyle *cough,cough* and i don’t think i’ve ever though of doing blogging really, i’ve always wanted to do vlogging but more artsy blogs than speaking ones because i’d feel self conscious walking around talking to a camera, if you get me. i feel like blogging is a completely different way to let loose, and just be yourself, without anyone having to hear you speak and being able to look back on things like this is such an amazing thing, to see what your past self was thinking and to just see how you’ve changed. It’s just amazing really.


so, i thought i’d start of my blog like i’d start of a youtube channel. I feel like this blog is going to be a bit like a youtube channel, but obviously you’re not listening and watching me, you’re reading what i’m saying. i feel writing everything down is so much quicker and easier,  i don’t have to film and edit so it’s a lot more stress free. also, i will be able to be way more active on here than a youtube channel which will mean even more stuff for you guys to read! Anyways, i am going to do a quick 10 facts about me to introduce you all!

1.  I am 14 years old, and in year nine – almost year ten

2.  I am from Britain

3.  I have one pet – she is a beautiful black cat called Bella

4.  I have one sibling – i have a brother who is 17

5.  I am extremely sporty – my main sport is netball

6.  I am also very creative – i love drawing clothes and i am starting to do hand lettering

7.  I love makeup – i have lots of high end products ( if you want to see my makeup check           out my insta @tiaslifestyle

8.  I also dance – i do lots of classes but i have to cut down due to upcoming exams 😦

9.  I love photography and do it a lot with my friends ( one of my friends took the photo of me above)

10.  I like to keep up with the latest fashion and trends


(im not trying to look like a model in this)

that’s all for todays blog, i hope you enjoyed reading it because i really did enjoy writing it ! please follow my blog and give me support, also follow my instagram @tiaslifestly *third mention ;)*, and i will have a new post up soon!

with love, tia


4 thoughts on “First blog post !

  1. I LOVE it!! Your blog is going to be so so great! (Also *cough* *cough* this post is like ten million times better than my first blog post ahaha) 😂☺️❤️


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