Top five makeup products!

hello, and welcome back to another wonderful blog post. if you’ve looked at my previous and first post you will know that i love makeup! I decided to dedicate this post to my top five makeup products! (and skin care. whoops!) 🙂

if you’re a makeup hoarder like me, you will know the struggle of having to pick just five products. But you will always have them certain products that you use every time. for me , these are the products i’m going to show you! Personally, i love wearing makeup – and i have too much to count! But i don’t really wear makeup to school, simply because i like to sleep *laughing emoji*, but i do wear the occasional contour and highlight to school (how could i resist with these products I’m about to show you!) Anyways lets get into the post!

1. Too Faced Sweet Peach palette – $49 (price in dollars because I’m looking on the sephora website)

this palette is a bit on the pricey side, but is totally wort it with the amazing quality of the shadows. it comes with 18 juicy fresh shadows, and they all have amazing pigmentation! A big pro to this palette is the smell……. it smells completely of peaches! it is the sweetest smelling palette you’ll ever smell! i am in love with this eyeshadow palette and use it in every single eyeshadow look that i do! My favourite shadows in the palette are just peachy, candied peach, Bellini, nectar & luscious! four of these five shades are shimmery and oh my goodness they are the most gorgeous things that you will ever see! the fifth shade is a gorgeous matte peach colour, but it has a purple glitter in it which makes it even better! I’d totally recommend this palette with a 10/10, it is a must have i think!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero glow kit – $40

This product literally blows me away. it comes with six shades, kitty kat, forever young, daydream, forever lit, glo getter & 143. the shades are so neutral and can go on any skin tone without looking weird, I am fair skinned but the shades glo getter and 143 (which are more golden colours that are darker than my skin colour) look really natural! my favourite four shades are kitty kat, forever young, daydream and forever lit. i love daydream and kitty kat because they’re really nice peachy colours *notice i like peach ;)* that look really natural. Forever young is a really nice neutral highlight that looks amazing on my skin tone, and Forever lit is a very bold, out there highlight that i like to use if I’m really feeling my makeup or if i am going out somewhere, sometimes when i pick my highlighter and i pick forever lit is say ‘I’m glowing for it, I’m glowing for it!’ *insert laughing emoji here*! This is another must have, and i think any of the glow kits are really! definitely 10/10!

3. Benefit Hoola bronzer – $15 (or $29 for the full sized version)

This is the best bronzer i’ve ever used. Again, it suits every skin tone as it looks amazing on my skin tone as well as my friend who is very tanned. It’s very easily blended and looks super natural! You can also buy the Hoola Lite which is a paler version of the broker for people with lighter skin tones, but personally i find the norma Hoola works just fine! This product is also very long lasting, I’ve had the product since christmas and it looks like its barely been used! I honestly think that this is the best bronzer out there and it’s definitely worth the money and a definite 10/10!

4. M.A.C cremesheen lipstick in peach blossom – $16

This is a beautiful peach coloured lipstick that has a gorgeous shine to it! It is a lovely peach colour that fits with my favourite colour & scent at the moment! I love mac lipsticks, they’re so creamy and feel amazing on the lips! They are definitely on the pricey side but for such good quality lipstick that it’s definitely worth the price! This is one of my seven mac lipsticks, and i love them all but this one is my all time favourite! It;s just such a natural and lovely colour to wear that’s not that too out there! This is another product that is definitely worth the money, and a definite 10/10!

5. Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater – $7

This facial spray works miracles. It refreshes my face and makes me feel more awake in the mornings! You can use it to set makeup, soothe skin in dehydrating conditions or to give your face a quick boost anytime, anywhere! It also smells amazing like roses and ugh it’s just the best thing ever! you can also get it in a variety of different scents which do different things for you! It’d definitely worth the buy, and at cheapest on the list why wouldn’t you! definite 10/10 from me!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post, and i hope you loom into purchasing some of these amazing products! they’re all definitely worth it!

with love, Tia 🙂


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